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Jake Morley | The Manual   Ghostess Live Studio Sessions   Single artwork for Ghostess (acoustic) single from the Tell It To Me Straight series.

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Ever since you left I still fear you dressed in shadows hiding
Whispering words inside my head
Whispered words I wish I’d said

This place is haunted by the echoes of your elegance
It’s like some dusty old museum
Screening us behind a velvet rope

Your make-up in my bathroom
Your socks I wear when I have none
Still sleeping on your mattress
I feel you here you’re my Ghostess

Still find your hairs on my clothes
How can it all be over
When our toothbrushes still seem to kiss
I feel you here you’re my Ghostess

Am I awake or dreaming
Is this you I think I’m seeing
No you’re just one step ahead
Toying with my tired head

Everywhere I go there’s something that reminds me of … Read the rest