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Jake Morley - Overdubs

I’m going to pre-date this – ah the power of the blogger! To pretend I’m good enough to actually update often enough!

Just wanted to report on the first weekend of overdubs I did with Phill and wonderful assistant engineer / all-round-superhero Tom Loffman.

PIANO! I frickin love pianos. love em. Majestic instruments. The instrument equivalent of a horse I’ve always thought… Elegant, beautiful, often black and very occasionally white, quite heavy etc etc. I did a few things myself and then enlisted the help of a wonderful new musician friend – Kevin Pollard. Like everyone who seems to be involved in this project his talents are only matched by his lovely nature. Fantastic player, fantastic bloke. He kindly did some piano on Inside My Mind and Be With Me Once More and some hammond on Many Fish To Fry. VERY nice!

The rest of the weekend was made up of funny odds and ends – various quantities of accordion, melodica, guitar and glockenspiel capped off a highly productive weekend. My epic spreadsheet now has more green and less orange, but still loads more to come…

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