I   F E E L   F R E E

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freeloveIsn’t it good to be free?

One by one I’m going to release a track for free to anyone who gives me their email address. The first single – Reeling – will be free for 10 days. After that it will cost a bit more. After all – musicians need to make a living, right? (haha sorry – just a little musicians joke…)

To download simply head to my little sidebar and click ‘add to cart’ then ‘go to checkout’. Just enter your name and email and the track will wing it’s way over to you soon afterwards…

The link will be sent in a second email – don’t worry if it’s not there in the first!

2 Comments on “I   F E E L   F R E E”

  1. perhaps they’re praying for the 70s to arrive so they can get their clothes back on?

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