J O H N   P A R K E R

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john-parker-jake-morleyI’m delighted to report that phenomenal double bass talent genius extraordinaire John Parker will be behind his big double bass for much of the new album.

John deserves your unconditional love and respect for many reasons, not least because he is one half of Nizlopi, who have made some quite brilliant music.

I’m really delighted to have him involved. Top bloke too.

3 Comments on “J O H N   P A R K E R”

  1. Well i will just be made up to hear the album.. If you get them to Tonefest its just a bonus. Hows the scratch tracks?

  2. yeah – it’s a real joy to be playing with him. I’ll see if I can get him / them down to Tonefest…

  3. I could cry Jake. You and Nizlopi are actually my fav acoustic acts of all time. Amazing news

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