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Jake Morley On The Case

There’s definitely a pattern with me and photos. I’m always trying to do something stupid or distracting – climb up somewhere, grab something, jump, look busy, ANYTHING to avoid just standing there being normal.

I suppose being open is quite scary. It takes guts to just stand there and go “here it is, no tricks, this is me”. More guts than I’ve got usually. It feels like being naked except with your clothes on.

Before Christmas I spent a day with photographer Mat Quaeck and his assistant Chloe Rivers. Before long I started climbing up things and playing with a hammer that Mat just happened to have on him. After a few dates with the concrete I decided we weren’t right for each other and I got the hang of balancing. What do you reckon? I quite like it. I think I’ll make it my tour poster for the big launch tour in the Spring.

Check out this mean baseball bat stance one too…

Jake Morley Baseball Bat

And this not so mean one…

Jake Morley Being More Normal

There we go. There were a bunch more but I don’t think I can handle any more right now.┬áPersonally, I think anyone that really enjoys hundreds of photos being taken of their face from every angle has issues and needs to check theyselves before they wreck theyselves.

Laterz! x

5 Comments on “On The Case”

  1. Hi Jake,
    Just wondering, are you still doing that gig at the Bristol Louisiana, because they’ve taken it off their website, Are you still doing it?

  2. It’s a hard life being a superstar!! Lol wishing you all the best, and looking forward to feb, been far too long since we’ve seen you play!! Xxx

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