S H A K E   Y O U R   B O O T Y

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bootySometimes when you write a song it starts going somewhere different and you just have to follow it. What I’m trying to say is – I’ve accidentally written a song for Shakira.

It’s called Now You’re Here and if you’d like to download it – just click the link in the download section on the right. It’s free or you can pay for it – up to you.

Only one more single to go in this series now! It should be out in a coupla weeks.

PS – If you know Shakira personally, do feel free to suggest a collaboration between us. Perhaps in the music video she could be trying to distract me from my guitar playing? Many have tried and failed…

3 Comments on “S H A K E   Y O U R   B O O T Y”

  1. It was called ‘Be Yourself’ but that was always a shit title.
    I can rustle around for it and email it over if you like?

  2. Reminds me of that one you wrote on a spanish guitar about robbing a bank. What ever happened to that? I used to love that tune. Something about a Hazy Spanish Early morning.

  3. Now i can’t listen to it without picturing Shakira shaking her booty………….THANKS MATE ITS AWESOME!!!!

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