Sebright Arms 26th October

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I’ve always admired the way Communion develop their artists, giving a platform for songwriters like Ben Howard, Laura Marling and Daughter to play their music. So I’m very happy for them to present my next London gig at The Sebright Arms.

I know it’s not a massive venue, but this tour has always been about playing in the best small venues around. I love the interaction and atmosphere that those environments offer, so let’s start here and as plans for the next album develop, we’ll see where it all leads… x

Tickets are on sale now at

3 Comments on “Sebright Arms 26th October”

  1. Oops…
    Yep it’s been corrected – should be Saturday 26th October.
    I’ve now updated the poster, but let the record show your comment was once true!

  2. Hey there, just double checking the date for the Sebright Arms gig. The poster says 26, Sunday, which is actually a Saturday. Unless you’re gigging in 2014, in which case it really would be a Sunday :P.

    Im guessing it’s a typo? Is it saturday 26 or sunday 27? Cheers big ears!

    Mark Ulrick

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