T H E   P L A N

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Here’s how it’s going to work. You come in through the south gate at 12.17am, while Red Fox distracts the guard. Remember to deactivate the security alarm.

Meanwhile, I’ll be releasing a new song every week or two via this site starting on June 23rd. While each track is the ‘new’ track, it’ll be available on free download in exchange for your email address. Fair swap? I reckon so. You can always just unsubscribe…

I’m going to keep doing that for the next few months at least, so keep checking back. Better still, subscribe to the blog or mailing list so you don’t have to remember. There’ll also be videos, gig dates and all sorts of other things like that on the way.

Then we’ll all rendezvouz back at HQ for debriefing. All clear? Any quesitons?

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