Thoughts On Meeting People and Lenses

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One of the biggest privileges of being a musician is getting to meet lots of people.

Not everyone loves it. When asked “There’s someone here who would like you to sign their CD” I’ve heard artists say “oh just tell them to fuck off”.

That might sound like unforgivable disrespect of your audience, but some artists thrive on being untouchable. They know the illusion is more powerful to their audience. Deprived of reality, the illusion never shatters. Would you rather Dave Jones disappoint you with what Heroes is really about or retain the magic and mystery of David Bowie? Not that that’s what was happening with the artist I’m thinking of. They were just being an arse.

If you’ve met me you’ll know I’m usually quite relaxed talking to people. But for some reason everything changes if I’m looking at a camera and not a person. I get self-conscious, manic, want to do anything but calmly look down a lens. Sometimes we got great shots like these ones from Mat Quake and Alex Genn-Bash.

2 Comments on “Thoughts On Meeting People and Lenses”

  1. Hi Jake,
    Awesome gig last night in St Helens. You may remember me and my girlfriend raving about you after the gig. Saying how you need to break through as so talented. Anyway……I don’t know why I didn’t, but I should have asked you to sign my pledge flyer! Any chance you could do that for me now?? (By the way, we’ve been listening to your songs all day – good stuff).
    Gary (Liverpool)

  2. I asked Jake to sign 1 of his t-shirts for my daughter, not only was he very nice, but spent time to make sure it was done well!
    (My daughter does wear it, and is very proud of it too!)

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