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Tomorrow’s City Showcase gig is hugely significant for me for lots of reasons, partly for my career but also because of a strong connection to the venue – London’s 100 Club.

Sometimes lots of paths just so happen to converge at a single point in space and time. Call it fate or coincidence (in fact can we just grow up and call it coincidence?), it’s nonetheless equally magical and amazing.

One of those nights happened at a gig I did at the 100 Club on Tuesday 19th August 2008 – a charity night for The Multiple Sclerosis Society called ‘MS Callling’. By complete chance, every band on the bill decided to split up that night, and every act has now gone on to work with every other act.

The biggest casualty of the night were probably Nizlopi, who had years of hard work behind them, a number one single and an incredibly devoted fan base, but some unresolved issues that seemingly couldn’t be fixed. Below them on the bill were Olympian Fall, an energetic promising band who had reached a point of stagnation, and Fish! a young group being torn apart by the prospect of university. I played a set on my own after Tom McQ had opened the show. In the crowd that night were legendary engineer/producer Phill Brown and talented producer Calum MacColl.

Almost immediately I was approached by Rod da Rosa from Olympian Fall about starting a new band with Harry Mead and Fraser MacColl from Fish!. We soon recording an incredible album with Phill and Calum under the name ‘Colour Of Sound‘. I gradually started focusing more on my solo work, left the band and started recording my own album with not only Harry, Phill and Calum but also John Parker of Nizlopi. Tom McQ guested on the album, and is currently putting together an album project with Rod.

How amazing is that?! I told all this to my mum recently and she pointed out something else – the first time she met my dad was at the same venue one night in the 70s. Were it not for the 100 Club I may not even have been conceived!

All the paths in the last few years of my music seem to lead back to that night. I had no idea of its importance at the time – it just goes to show you never know when the next moment of huge significance will be.

You know those nights where you’re like “shall I bother to go out? I’m not sure I can be arsed”. Maybe if you went out you’d meet your future husband/wife, meet friends for life or change your career forever? Or maybe not? You never can tell.

Tickets for the gig tomorrow night are available here.

4 Comments on “100 REASONS”

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  3. Ah too true mon amis. Very well said and much love to you and jess!

  4. Well said Jake. I love The 100 Club – it’s an inspiring place knowing all who have graced the stage there over the years & so glad it’s doors are still open!

    I remember organising this MS Calling night with our manager, Jess. I was completely inspired by people’s enthusiasm to support this event & their willingness to contribute. A number of our friends have been affected by MS so it’s a charity that’s close to us.

    However, I distinctly remember thinking beforehand that with such a fantastic line up of musicians and friends who were all playing for the right reasons – only good could come of it! And indeed it did.

    Not only from raising money & awareness for MS, your album, Colour of Sound’s and now Tom McQ’s……plus the bringing together of some good people & friends. I’ve got fond memories of the journey since then and if it wasn’t for this 100Club night on 19th August 2008 then none of this adventure below would have happened.


    Long may the journey continue & who knows what’s through the next door? Let’s do another night!!!!
    Love and good music – have a top gig tonight!

    Rod da Rosa (Colour of Sound….and all who sail in her!)

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