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Hold up they don’t love you like I love you, slow down da da da ba da ba daba. Right hungry. Would it be wrong to have waffles for breakfast? Wait where is my phone? Maybe I should call it. Ah I hear it now next to the sofa. Ooh missed call someone’s popular. Yes that was me just now. How did I not see that coming. OK time to write about Watch Yourself. Make it funny. No wait that detracts from the music. Make it profound, but not too serious. Being serious brings people down. Hold up they don’t waffle like I waffle, slow down they don’t mm mm mmmm mm. Wait I’m gonna get my guitar.

I’m delighted to share my new song Watch Yourself. Writing it was a crazy challenge but it changed my life forever.

Thank you to all the great people who were involved in making it, special thanks to the choir of my unconscious – Antonio Lulic, Annie Eve, Tom McQ Music, Rod da Rosa and many others.

Take a listen here, I’ll trade you it for a click or a type on here or elsewhere.

The Manual is out June 3rd. Hoping to make a bit of a noise for it.

Love Jake


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