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alrightythen I’ve been hard at work writing new tunes for the new album.

I reckon it’s actually going really well, but as many writers might tell you it’s impossible to get any real perspective. Basically, I think I’m writing some great tunes, but they could be rubbish – I’m too wrapped up in them to know. Kind of a scary thought to be honest…

New tracks so far are Back To The Light, Be With Me Once More, Sideline and most recently All And Forever which I’m currently in love with!

2 Comments on “ALL WRITEY THEN”

  1. Hey Jim
    It’s going to be a mixture of old and new songs. This is my first chance to really make a statement and record everything properly, so I’ll need to bring the best songs I can lay my hands on! Old classics / new epics… it’s all up for grabs.

  2. Are you planning to use any of the existing material on the album or is it all gonna be new?

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