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The Social
Who fancies a bit of a social? I’d love to show you what music we make now, plus there are loads of ingenious ways I want to thank you for supporting Many Fish To Fry before I hang it up and start work on a follow up.

Where: The Social, Little Portland Street, London.
When: 18th September 2012. Doors 7:30pm.
Tickets: £7, or £15 with a t-shirt

When buying your ticket you’ll also be asked to submit a photo of yourself (or something to represent you) so we can add it to our poster. As each ticket is sold, each spot will get filled with an image. Look out for yours at the gig too – we’ll have personalised presents waiting for you.

Everything is ready, all we’re missing is you. 100 tickets, 100 people getting together. Are you free?

Hope you can make it

**UPDATE** All tickets sold out in just a few days. Thank you to everyone who was interested, send your photos now if you have a ticket.

2 Comments on “At Our Place”

  1. Dude just discovered you @ bakewell festival got your cd from amazon not been out of my cd player for a week!! you are an insperation. Many thanks!!

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