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The album has now been mastered, and the force is definitely strong in this one.

Co-producer Phill Brown (who has worked on classic albums before) rates it as a classic album, the whole team are over the moon and we’ve already had calls from record labels before we’ve even approached any.

Current plan is to do some single releases leading up to an album launch later in the year but still TBC. Can’t wait to do album covers and video shoots! Already getting started on those.

If you’re interested in what mastering is about, take a look at this.

4 Comments on “AWESOME MASTER”

  1. Cant wait to hear the album, I like your style.
    You and Newton Faulkner should jam.
    Would like to see that………
    Do what you do, your good at it! ;)

  2. So excited for you Mr Morley this is awesome news! Can’t wait to be able to own a full Jake Morley album! Keep us informed of dates and such because I am quite literally on the edge of my seat over here :D
    Keep being amazing xxx

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