B O R D E R L I N E   S I N G L E

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Jake Morley Borderline Gig & Single Launch 23rd June 2009
Far from being an observation on my relationship status, this post is actually a reference to two important events happening this week.


This Tuesday 23rd June I’ll be playing a gig at London’s famous Borderline, just off Charring Cross Road. This is the first gig I’ve asked you to be at since Mid-Feb. MID-FEB I say! So it would be wonderful if you were to shimmy on down. To get on a £6 guest list, just say so in a comment on this post. or just HIT ME UP using the box on the right.


As of the same date my summer of single releases begins. It’s been a little while so I have quite a few up my sleeve. You can come here and download each one for free in turn as they get released. More details to follow……


PS If you’ve never met me before and don’t know, that’s not me.

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