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Poor blogging! But irregular posting means I’m busy, not idle. Even still, I’m sorry!

It’s certainly a challenge to be a modern artist – not that I’m complaining because the positives definitely outweigh the negatives, but there seems to be an infinite amount of work to do, much of it not involving playing instruments and writing songs.

I go through a love / hate relationship with blogging and social networking for example. I love the idea of openness, am eager to let people in, and relish the unity of it all. However, when I’m doing something awesome, it doesn’t always cross my mind to tweet about it as I’m too busy enjoying whatever it is about it that’s awesome. I believe in living in the moment, and in that moment the person in front of my face is more important than Facebook. Ever hung out with someone who’s on their iphone every 5minutes telling the world how much fun they’re having hanging out with you? If it’s that much fun just be present with me.

Having said that what I really want to do is connect with people, and not just through releasing and performing music. The internet is an excellent tool for that, and I promise that no matter how busy I am I’ll make more time for my blog. If it’s too irregular for you, maybe try and join my Facebook page!

Now – time to do a million posts to update what’s been going on…..


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  1. I’m right with you on that one Jake. There’s nothing worse than talking to someone who is typing on their phone at every given minute.
    When I’m having a good time the last thing on my mind is typing about it on facebook. Very strange world we live in at the moment. I think it’s only a matter of time before the internet becomes uncool.

    The new ‘in thing’ after virtual reality will be reality. Doing and experiencing real things! Either that or it will just get worse, we’ll be plugged in, we’ll never leave our houses and food will be installed in pipes like water fed to our noses while we sit locked into a virtual world …. Happy Christmas! :)

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