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In May, me and the band play gigs in Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, London, Bury, Leeds, Kendal, York, Sheffield, Liverpool, Cardiff, Exeter and Bristol, with more TBC.

Wow… exciting but that’s a lot of tickets to sell, and I’m no Ed Sheeran. I think I’m going to need some help.

I’m looking for local champions for each of these gigs. If you’re up for lending a hand, I’m up for giving you free stuff. The more hands you lend, the more ways I’ll think of to say thank you and the better each gig will be. Here are a few things you could do, but maybe you can think of more?
    – make a noise about the gig online and in real life
    – bug your local blog, radio station or newspaper about it
    – put up posters and give out flyers (if you’re allowed to)
    – help collect people’s email addresses or be useful at the gig

In exchange I’ll give you t-shirts or badges, send you postcards from other cities, let you into gigs for free or do something nice for you as long as it’s legal and won’t get me into too much trouble.

I’m also looking for local support acts. If you or someone you know thinks they’re up for it, then let me know. It’s all about good music and good people, but remember it has to fit well. I happen to love music like this and I’m well into this, but they ain’t right for this gig. If you think you are, get in touch.

Interested? If you are, just send me a message, telling me which gig you’d like to help with and how involved you’d like to be.

Jake x

13 Comments on “Can you help?”

  1. I’ve only recently been introduced to your music by a very good friend and admirer of your music, and have had your CD on repeat ever since. I’d be really interested to hear the sort of music this author would listen to. How did anyone let him publish this? His cheap (and unfunny) jokes criticise what he thinks are simple words with very simple words.

    He’s criticising what he sees as a lack of originality with a real lack of originality…

  2. None of the musicians I know (and I’m incredibly lucky with some of the ones I know) say they take reviews seriously, and I always thought that music reviewers are for the most part a waste of time, but the Guardian one hammers the point home better than Rebecca Black’s Friday parodies the worst of modern pop.
    To be honest I don’t think that music really can be reviewed to any point beyond the reviewer giving a very rough idea of what they think the artist is trying to do, and the reviewer saying whether they think it’s of value (which isn’t really of that much value itself), but seriously, it’s appalling that someone should offer such a shallow and crude analysis of anything, let alone of music. a musician’s music which, what with it being music, is likely to defy any meaningful pure verbal analysis. and analysing it with words. …

    Back to gigs – I tell all my friends already but I will tell MORE, and I’d love to support you in Bristol or London (or frankly anywhere you’ll have me), sadly I’m probably not good enough yet and there’d be a fair few covers, but I will soundcloud you late in march to give you an idea of what i can do. worth a try! I primarily wanted to say that you’re brilliant (pondering at the jazz cafe was in particular one of the best performances i’ve ever seen) and to shout at the press…

    ps Your being into the mars volta has completely kicked my mods revision blues, so happy for you.

  3. I would be so up for it if there are more local gigs announced! if not I could help out with Bristol, and by the way the guardian have no idea what they’re talking about!

  4. Hi Jake

    I’d love to support you at your Newcastle gig. I know loads of great venues, and am pretty sure I could get a fair amount of people along. I supported Don Mclean on an 11 date UK tour a few years ago, and did a little 6 week stint in America last summer. I’m acousticy/folky/poppy, play solo and feature a couple of lovely backing singers to provide some nice harmonies, and I usually teach the crowd a song to sing: Hope to hear from you:)x

  5. Hey Jake, big fan of your music. I’d love to support you in Manchester, if you’d like. You can find me on Facebook, and tonnes of live videos on Youtube.

  6. Jake

    Like Ben, I have a weekly radio show but on Thursday nights ( and have been playing you (on and off) for the last few months (Kerry very kindly sent me your CD)…….and I’m more than happy to keep playing you AND will be promoting your tour etc….
    The show is very much based around new and unsigned artists – guitar-indie, folk, folk-rock etc…..with occasional live sessions…….so if you are ever in the MIlton Keynes area on a Thursday night pop in for a session………seriously!

    Now, that has to be worth a free t.shirt (which I can then wear to University and promote you even more!)

    Cheers, Hugh.
    Eclectic Plectrum.

  7. Hi Jake,

    I want to support you!!!! pick me pick me! You know you want to :) Little country/folk/pop singer to warm the crowd up for you… perfect. And I’ll put up some posters/promote like crazy too!

    Rachel x

  8. Jake,

    You know I’m your gal in Leeds plus Huddersfield, Halifax, Brighouse, Hebden Bridge, Sowerby Bridge etc.. Basically as much of West Yorkshire as I can.

    I’ll do whatever I can. You know that :)

    But I’m not wearing that hat again!

    Get in touch by either email, Twitter @Yorkshire_lady or Facebook and I’ll start your campaign round here.

    Rach x

  9. Hey Jake. I’d be interested in helping taking emails and creating an online buzz for the London shows. I’d also want to know if it would be possible to film some songs from the event and take a few pictures. All my stuff if available to view on Facebook ( and videos are on YouTube ( As for creating a buzz, I would like to film an acoustic video before hand and release it to coincide with the start of the tour with links to all your stuff. As for support acts I know Joe Jury ( would be up for playing in London and Mayer several other cities

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and I apologise for the size of the post


  10. Hi Jake,

    I’m from Birmingham, but currently live in Southampton. I know neither of those cities are on the list, but I may be able to help promote in another way.

    I’m a DJ on Surge Radio (87.7 FM) every Saturday night, and can give listeners details of your upcoming gigs?

    Let me know if that would be of any help, and if you have a jingle we could play or something.

    All the best,


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