Canada Tour 2013

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This is what I’m expecting…. I hear it is -15C at the moment…


It’s very easy to forever be looking into the future and thinking “I’ll be happy if…” while all the cool stuff is happening RIGHT NOW. Look! A monkey went by on a jetski and you missed it.

I may be deep in plans for the rest of the year, but in just a couple of weeks I’ll play my first tour of Canada. This is just what I always dreamed of – making music, seeing the world, meeting people…. all a real privilege to soak up and wash down with maple syrup.

If you know anything or anyone in Vancouver, Victoria, Prince George or British Columbia more generally, I’d love to hear from you. A friendly face to meet, a musician to listen to, a place to eat, an indispensable factoid, a handy way to avoid mortal danger, anything at all, get in touch.

For those in the area, my gig page has more info on where I’ll be. I’ve had quite a few messages from people in other parts of the US or Canada who were hoping I’d be visiting somewhere closer to them – I am sorry about that. Hopefully this trip will lay the foundations for a longer Canada / US tour next time. We’ll see. Ha there I go thinking about the future again… x

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