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Jake Morley Album Shoot

It had been a difficult few days. I’d sucessfully finished two paintings I’d been working on the night before, picked up Hector the taxidermied badger and found a cheap fishing net. Even more miraculously, the granny wallpaper had arrived on time. However I had managed to also have a car accident and Alyssa had rejected my imitation Mona Lisa as the frame was too ornate :-(

By the time we laid our hands on the £6 gourmet loaf of bread things had started to fall into place though. I was soon lying on the floor staring up at a trapdoor, flailing my arms and legs with an industrial fan in my face whilst listening to Arcade Fire – something I’ve dreamed of since I was a young boy.

As soon as we’re done retouching the image to make me look cool I’ll show you what we ended up with!

In the meantime please show your appreciation for the wonderful lady behind the lens – Alyssa Boni – she is so talented.


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