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Jake Morley at Cupcake Camp London 2010

I get quite a lot of charity requests, but not many that combine music with endless rooms of delicious cakes, organised by a close friend. Cupcake Camp London, held at Proud in Camden, was raising money for The North London Hospice who I’ve fundraised for in the past. If donations made and cupcakes eaten are anything to go by, the event was a real success.

Interesting chat with Alasdair Campbell, but maybe not as interesting as it could have been had I veered the conversation towards politics. But how could you bring up serious political debate at a cupcake event?! It’s just wouldn’t be cricket…

Afterwards there was a huge party to go to a The Flowerpot – a live music venue in Kentish Town at the centre of London’s music community that has been forced to close. It became successful purely as a result of those who ran it, now left high and dry by its owners. For what it’s worth, the new venue in its place shouldn’t expect to capitalise on its recent success – I don’t know anyone who intends to keep going there. Punters will follow the Flowerpot to its new venue – The Wheelbarrow – at what used to be Tommy Flynns on Camden High Street. So good luck to Jay in your new home!

PS – cupcake photo from the delicious Vegan Chef Sara

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