D A Y   F O U R

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day-fourmore snow! And what does this mean? That’s right – it means John loses a bet about whether he’s allowed to play double bass on Solitude. Thank you weather gods!

Everyone’s feeling good – it’s tough working 12 hour days every day for a week – especially for layabout musicians! It’s incredibly intense. We’ve really broken the back of it all now though and the mood in the studio has been great all week. It’s amazing how well we all get along in fact – our personalities all fit together.

Many Fish To Fry was always the track everyone was most worried about getting down because it’s quite complex to record, but in the end we got it sounding fantastic by early evening. It’s like an epic slightly Irish singalong about the infinitely varied futures we could have. I’ve never really liked the idea of fate. I’m fairly sure it’ll close the album.

Sideline is also coming along really well. Guitar and bass are on and all good. Definitely taking shape.

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  1. Sounds awesome so far, Jake. GL with the rest of the recording – any idea when you’re looking to release the album? :)

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