D A Y   T H R E E

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day-threeIn a crazy rush today so gonna have to be quick!

Bit of a disjointed day, but certainly not an unsuccessful one. Freddie Laid The Smack Down grooves along really nicely – that song’s been a bit of a surprise to be honest and I’m really pleased with it. Also tackled Inside My Mind – a bit slower than before and pretty intense. Calum in particular was excellent yesterday – his guitar tone on Freddie was just magical, and he was using a high-strung guitar on Inside My Mind to make sounds I’m not used to acoustic guitars making. Beautiful.

Evening was a touch more tricky – we’ve been having an ongoing battle with what to do with Ferris Wheel. It’s always such a live favourite, but what should a studio version sound like? With a band some of the guitar percussion just makes it messy – so do you change the band sound or the guitar part? We ended up putting it to one side to look at later in the week and turned our attention to the epic Many Fish To Fry, which could be quite a challenging song to record, but is so much fun to play. We’ll have to record it properly on day four though.

Hope things are well in your world. I’m full of the joys of new years and new starts.


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  1. HURRY UP! 8o) I’m so excited about hearing these LOL You’re just Teasing Now!!!

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