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Jake Morley - Debut Album

I’m working on my first full-length album at the moment. Several people who have been through this process have likened it to having a good poo…

I think it’s more similar to ketchup in a glass bottle – hard to get going, then everything comes out in huge unstoppable waves, then it takes ages to get the last bit.

Personally I think it’s been the most rewarding and exciting thing I’ve ever done, and I’m just stunned by the results. It’s easily the best music I’ve ever written, performed by the best musicians I’ve known, and brought to life by two of the best engineers / producers in the business.

Can’t wait to show you all!

3 Comments on “DEBUT ALBUM!”

  1. The ketchup analogy is good but there is a difference: if you don’t get the last bit of tomato sauce then you can chuck the bottle away: no big deal. However, if you didn’t get round to releasing the album then the rest of your work would have been for nothing!

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