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Jake Morley Feet Don't Fail Me Now Video

After a particularly memorable day walking and clapping in slow motion down the streets of london, and quite a bit of Tom Munday‘s time slaving over a hot animation machine, I can finally show you the video to first single Feet Don’t Fail Me Now.

You can watch the video here, or use this link to share it:
The track is available to download on iTunes, HMV digital, Amazon and loads of other digital retailers.

The video was directed by my extremely talented friend Alex Genn-Bash and turned out to be a rather torturous process. There were just so many ideas we had – how to choose which one to go with? In the end the idea we had settled on was deemed ‘unsafe’. Something about the ‘risk of being sued if 10 extras fell off scaffolding designed to hold 1 or 2 people’ or whatever…

So we had to come up with something new, and quickly, as time was running out. The message of the song wasn’t lost on Alex as he grappled to arrange an idea we’d had at the last minute. We decided to make a drastically slower version of the song in the style of Justin Beiber slowed down, film me singing it and then speed the footage back to normal speed, resyncing it with the track. The slowed down track sounded like this in my earphones:
Feet Don’t Fail Me Now 5x Slower by Jake Morley

Alex chose locations and planned the shots and we headed down to east london in the freezing cold.

I have to say it was one of the strangest experiences of my life as I marched down the street, Alex hastily backpeddling in front of me as I euphorically punched the air in ultra slow motion. It was a real exercise in letting go of yourself in public!

My favourite bits were when passers by, curious as to what the commotion was, were asking one another “ooh is that someone famous?” followed by an inevitable “nah….”

After we’d finished the edit of the video (inlcuding scrapping a whole days worth of footage from Dungeness in Kent) we were pleased but felt it could be better…

Step in hero-among-men, all-around titan Tom Munday. We’d already collaborated on a project in the past for a musical we’d written that involved an animated otter destroying Victorian London. He agreed to get involved and worked extremely hard extremely quickly, adding the school-book doodling style animation on top which I think totally makes the video.

Please do share the video if you like it – lets make sure it reaches out as far as it’s feet will carry it

jake x

7 Comments on “DEBUT SINGLE + VIDEO”

  1. no mate! I’m from London – what made you think I was from Cardiff?

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  3. I like the slowed down version of Feet Don’t Fail Me Now, curiously beautiful, it reminds me of My Bloody Valentine at their very best. I know it was only for the video but still… The video is genius, I sense a hit is inevitable…

  4. It’s phenomenal. Are we ever going to see the real-time version?! Well done

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