Edele’s Year

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I’m not mad on music being a competition, and not mad on the ugly, alchemic quest to turn music into cash. I love it when people do things like this. But I also love music and performance and massive pop bangers that enrich peoples lives.

Massive congrats to Ed Sheeran and Adele. I get fed up with people knocking them. No doubt about it those two craved success. But they’ve also produced albums with a lot of heart and substance and lots of peoples lives are a better place for them. That is cool and good news for music. I always liked Ed – he deserves it all. Respect!

People make music for all kinds of reasons – to get rich, for its own rewards, to pore their soul out, to look for self worth… Not all are inherently wrong or right. Bloody hell it’s great to make music that people will like. You’re bringing people happiness and meaning and that’s a really good thing. Screw the critics!

But what I really want to say is this. If someone reading this has the slightest inkling that inside them there may be something more than a nice pop song – something desperate, radical or challenging, something that might push us forward to be better people or understand each other better then I implore you – please do that instead. Lots of people can write a nice pop song, but only you can do something that is really you. Trust yourself.

Also – if you’re a music fan then look out for these people. Some are rubbish but some will be worth a thousand Adeles to you.

I’ve no idea where my music fits into this. Probably not well… all I know is that I’m gonna give it a hell of a shot trying to do this better, whatever that means.


2 Comments on “Edele’s Year”

  1. Funny that you should blog about this Jake. I love Ed as well, but I did turn to my partner yesterday and said “You know Jake Morley who helped us out with the Uni project – I think he’s every bit as good if not better than Ed Sheeran” . Or something along those lines – can’t remember exact words.

    We were busy bemoaning the fact that Ed and Adele were the only ones worth watching (maybe Bruno as well).

    Hope you make it to the Brit Awards yourself soon. But in any case keep making your fabulous music with all it’s heart and soul.

    Caroline (you may remember me from UH!)

  2. Hey Jake
    Hang on to that humility, for it is part of what defines you and sets you apart, makes you uniquely Jake Morley. There’s beauty in it. Listening to many fish has helped me come back to my authentic self more than once, when I’ve lost myself in ego or in despair & confusion. There’s a readily accessible simplicity, a cleanliness and authenticity in your songs that touches my soul and grounds me when i need it most.
    Keep on truckin.

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