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One Run For Boston

Wonderful to be introducing two excellent new projects – One Run For Boston and The Little Bird Foundation.

One Run For Boston is a non-stop relay race spanning the width of the United States to raise money for The One Fund, a charity set up to provide assistance to victims of the Boston Marathon bombings. Over 1000 runners are taking part, passing on the baton to a new runner every couple of hours for 3 weeks night and day, and due to cross the finishing line of the Boston Marathon on June 30th. So far they’ve managed to raise over $50,000, with more coming in every day.

Danny Bent, one of the organisers, asked if Feet Don’t Fail Me Now could be their official theme song, and of course I didn’t have to think very hard before saying yes. Best wishes to all the runners involved, they’re part of something very special and it’s a fitting response to a terrible tragedy.

You can follow the baton’s progress on their live feed here, donate here, read a USA Today feature article here, and read their blog post about Feet Don’t Fail Me Now here.

I was also approached recently by Bon Collins, remarkable founder of The Little Bird Foundation, whose response to being diagnosed with a serious bone condition was to set up a charity to help others in a similar position. Despite living with a highly debilitating illness, Bon has been working hard to raise funds for others who may not be able to afford the essential equipment they need.

Spending a lot of time in a wheelchair or with restricted movement might explain why Feet Don’t Fail Me Now became an important song for her too, and I’m delighted for it to be the charity’s official theme. I find Bon’s reaction so inspiring and I was honoured to accept her offer of being The Little Bird Foundation’s first patron.

Find out more information on the Little Bird Foundation website here, or their Facebook page here.

One Run For BostonThe Little Bird Foundation

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  1. Jake,

    We are so very happy to have your support. I know I speak for everyone on the board of The Foundation when I say that it is a real honour to be working with you and an even bigger honour to be able to use ‘Feet Don’t Fail Me Now’ as our anthem!

    Keep up the good work!

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