F E E T   D O N ‘ T   F A I L   M E   N O W

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Feet don't fail me now. You'll never get a hold on me. You're never gonna catch me.

I started thinking recently about the nature of struggle, and I ended up with my next single – Feet Don’t Fail Me Now. Download it NOW!!!!

Once again I’m giving it away for free for the next week or two – just click on the download link on the right hand side, then click ‘Go to checkout’ and fill in your details. If you’re too late you’ll have to pay for it in DOSH (£0.79). If you get it for free, I’ll add your email to my mailing list. Fair’s fair.

It’s interesting how universal struggle is. Poor people struggle to survive, rich people struggle with their work / what they look like etc. It’s hard to say one feels worse than the other. Maybe it’s the result of evolution teaching us that people who chill out get eaten (or have nothing to eat)?

I’m calling for an end to this madness! Life’s pretty good right?! Exactly! There’s so much good stuff here. The struggle never goes away so we might as well just enjoy it.


5 Comments on “F E E T   D O N ‘ T   F A I L   M E   N O W”

  1. Excellent track JM, it’s stuck in my head now. It reminds me a bit of ‘Working Together’ by Gonzales, another mind-stucker.

  2. Jake my friend, you’re indeed a great man!
    That single’s so good that I might even pay for it even though it’s free and I’m poor!
    Will I be seeing your hungry eyes in Edinburgh? Been far too long!

  3. Awesome tune dude! Can see this getting a lot of play on the way to work :)

  4. Thanks for the free singles, makes you wanna tap your feet in happiness :]x

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