Falter Coming Soon – 12/08/12

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Falter-cover photo

Hey friends, I’ve got a bit of news at last :)

On Tuesday 12th August I’d like to share a new song with you. It’s called Falter, also known by people at gigs as “Headstrong” and “That One With The Flicky Hand Guitar Sound”.

To tell you theĀ truth*1 I’m a little nervous about sharing it. Although there will be some songs on this new album that would sit very happily on Many Fish To Fry, they’re a varied bunch and others sort of wouldn’t. I’ve explicably chosen one of the latter to share first, so I can’t help wondering if when you hear it you’ll all desert me for some other, younger facebook page.

But I’ve had a long time to think about what I want this album to sound like, and this is absolutely it. It’s more mature, it’s painstakingly thought through*2, and it’s as honest a thing as I could ever have made.

Over the next week I’ll be posting up teasers and pictures before the song link goes online on the 12th August. The music video, from which I took this beautiful image, will arrive sometime after that.

My ‘team’ tell me that shares, views and comments are terribly important for my career these days and have instructed me to instruct you to share everything I post up. I think people share things because they want to share them, not because they’re told to do so.

Therefore instead of an instruction, allow me to just remind you that sharing tools are built into many aspects of modern life, and if you are in need any advice on individual services I’d be very happy to assist you*3.

Much love and have a resplendent weekend
Jake xx

*1 of course I always tell the truth, this is merely a device to draw your ears in a little closer
*2 Falter for example was re-written a ridiculous 11 times
*3 share the damn post ok?!!

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  1. I am itching with anticipation for an official copy rather than the videos I’ve seen on YouTube!

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