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I’m very proud to present this video for my new single Falter. Like with the music, a huge amount of thought went into it.

Let’s get the cast and credits in here early, so we know whose hand to shake vigorously if we see them walking down the street or in the local police station on holiday in Torremolinos or wherever.

First up is director Rosie Collins who I met through mutual friends Paper Aeroplanes. Here she is being taught Suggestive Golf by Samual L. Jackson.

Rosie Collins

Rosie has character traits common to a lot of technically-minded people – hard working, patient, adaptable, straight talking… to that she can also add creative, kind and very easy to work with. She’s really talented.

The real star of the show though is Will Davis, an aerial performance artist working mainly in ropes and silks. He teaches, performs, writes books, has enormous muscles and was a joy to work with. He looks like this (sometimes):

Will Davis

The big problem with music videos is not so much the coming up with ideas part but the actually making decisions part. Rosie and I started back in June with the song and the ideas came pretty fast, it was just a case of nailing one down.

I like the idea of Falter existing almost in it’s own moment in time, like a freeze-frame scene from a film where a lot happens almost instantaneously. This struck a chord with Rosie as she’d just acquired a new super slow motion camera that shoots at hundreds of frames per second, like this video she’d made of a ballerina:

The ideas that emerged were based on physicality and technique with loads of long patient shots. Via some of Rosie’s past work with the Moscow State Circus we stumbled across the dazzling world of aerials, and eventually Will who I am so grateful to, and in awe of.

I particularly liked silks because of that mixture of strength and fallibility / fall-ability – it really resonates with the song. Also I love the way he ties himself in knots in the last shot, its perfect.

So here it is… share away! Plus you can pre-order the download here:
http://bit.ly/falterrrr or if you live in the UK here: http://bit.ly/falterrrr-uk

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