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The fires of industry burn brightly – it’s time to get this album out to the people!

Sorry it’s taking so long… I can’t release it until we’ve had a thousand meetings about who’s involved and in charge of what, sorting out tours and gigs, filming videos, shooting cover art…. it doesn’t seem to end.

When it’s time though it’ll mean everything’s done properly – well exciting!

In the meantime all I can do is keep smashing it at Ronnie Scotts every month with my kick-ass band (next one’s on the 20th July) and building it all up. I’ve got four different video directors on the case, already shot some cover art ideas, and getting loads of help with talking to labels, lawyers, agencies and so on.

As soon as it all starts kicking in the first place to look will be here, so thanks for keeping in touch.

Right I’m off to do a little tour of ireland playing guitar for an artist called Hermione Hennessy. We’re supporting Leona Lewis for four dates at the o2 and the oddessy. Love it!


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  1. Can’t wait.

    I actually have a video that plays in my brain for Pondering when I listen to it. It’s brilliant, but would probably lose it’s brilliance were it realised. Which it wont be. So it remains brilliant.

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