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My tour t-shirts have arrived!! Don’t they look proper? Naturally I need to give a bunch of them away for free. Here’s the plan…

I’m going to set one t-shirt aside for each gig to the first person who emails starting with tonight’s sold out date in Hartlepool. It’s embarrassingly simple – email now and I put your name down for that gig’s free t-shirt. First come first served, with no catch.

The only catch is, you have to include the right information when you do it. Get it wrong and it won’t count. Make sure you include:

  • your full name
  • which gig you’re going to
  • size and type (Fitted Ladies one in S, M or L, or a Mens one in S, M, L or XL)
  • a secret password of your choice which you’ll have to whisper to me on the night so I know it’s really you

If you’re the first then Mr T Shirt will email you back to confirm. If he doesn’t, I’m afraid you got it wrong or someone else got there before you.

All we ask if you win is that you tell everyone on Facebook or Twitter or real life. Don’t worry though, we won’t check. You must have a ticket to the gig to collect it too – we’ll give it to you on the night or we give it to Mango.

They’re really good quality and they’re lovely n soft. No rubbish cheap ones here. You can have any colour you like as long as it’s blue. We’ll do a different colour for the next tour.

The design is the brainchild of creative guru and musical whizz Kevin Pollard. He created a visual for each song on the album, then stitched them together in order, held together by a sideline. They is looking super magnificent Mr Kev!

They’re currently only available at gigs, not online, so if you want one then come to see us play. They cost £10.

Terms and Conditions probably apply but I can’t be arsed to write them so lets just all be nice to each other.


6 Comments on “Free Tour T-Shirts”

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  2. Leeds has gone, so just Great Bardfield, Sheffield and Warwick left!

  3. have to say i’m really enjoying the other items in Mr T Shirts picture (ironing board, socks and shoe!!) lol xx

  4. We have a free t-shirt winner for every date now except Leeds, Great Bardfield, Sheffield and Warwick. If you want a claim a free one from these gigs just send an email to me at and if you’re the first we’ll set one aside for you.

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  6. Still plenty left! Already won are London, Winchester, Poole, Manchester, Stratford, Birmingham, Cambridge and Sowerby Bridge.

    If you haven’t heard from me about those gigs then I’m afraid someone else must have got there first. Sorry!

    Your most humble Mr T-Shirt

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