I N S I D E   M Y   B R A N D   N E W   M I N D

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If you’ve been listening to my music a little while, you might already be familiar with this song, but you won’t have heard it sounding like this.

Single three is a brand new arrangement of ‘Inside My Mind’, adding strings, piano, percussion… even a harmonica. You can listen to it using my music box on the right, then download for free just below that.

I’m off to Benicassim Festival for a week now, and I won’t be near a computermable, so I want loads of messages when I get back right?!

Plenty of gigs to look forward to after that – like the Square Festival in Wales and also a great night at the home of british jazz music – Ronnie Scott’s in Soho. Who knows – I might even do something special for the occasion. Nice.

2 Comments on “I N S I D E   M Y   B R A N D   N E W   M I N D”

  1. Even more lush than before….soon you’ll have a whole orchestra…good work. PS also loving the joanna version of Ferris Wheel….

  2. love this version too, those strings are epic, my favourite part is the rimshot though… gooooooood “clack” sound

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