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With a very heavy heart it looks as though there are some gigs I’m not going to be able to play this month and I wanted to explain why.

A few of the dates we booked were in quite big venues, and in places I’ve not played in much before. We were aiming high and looking forward to growing into them this year.

And it has been an awesome year. There’s an album in the shops, new EPs released, songs on the radio and all sorts. But I’ve not managed to play as many smaller dates around the country as I’d have liked so far, and without that kind of promotion some venues start to look a little big for us.

After all it takes a lot of hard yards to get 350 people into a room in Leeds. You have to build up and earn it. I’ve got some more work to do before I deserve that gig. Note to self – it’s better to book a venue that’s too small than too big. Let’s smash a 100-capacity first ey?

So sadly the following dates are being rescheduled for smaller venues, or consolidated into other gigs. For everyone who bought tickets for them please accept my apologies. I really am very sorry.

May 3rd – Newcastle – The Cluny 2
May 9th – Nottingham – Glee Club
May 10th – London – Dingwalls
May 12th – Bury – Met
May 13th – Leeds – Brudenell Social Club
May 20th – Liverpool – Eric’s

I hope there is another date you can make in the meantime. The list of current gigs is here.

If you had bought a ticket, I promise you’ll get your ticket fee refunded, although you might lose your booking fee. This is one of the worst bits and I feel awful about that especially. We’re already busy rearranging these dates for alternative venues, and I’ll pass them on as soon as I get them.

There’s so much to look forward to though. We’ve never sounded better as a band, and the new songs are so exciting to play. The house concert competition is still going, and anyone who bought tickets in order to enter will still be part of it. We’ve got the rest of the tour still to play, rearranged dates, new dates, house concerts and festivals, and the exciting prospect of starting work on a new album. Bring it on!

I’m pretty determined to get back in these venues. But they’re so good that I don’t want to play them until they’re full. Not passable or half-empty but full. So let’s get to work!

Thank you for allowing me to do what I love, even if I screw it up once in a while.

Here are our existing dates – I can’t wait to rock them.

2nd May 2012 Deaf Institute Manchester Buy Ticket and Enter Now
5th May 2012 O2 Academy (duo supp. Newton Faulkner) Bristol TICKETS ONLY
11th May 2012 Oxford Hub (solo) Oxford TICKETS TBC
17th May 2012 Bootleggers Kendal TICKETS FROM THE VENUE
18th May 2012 Fibbers York Buy Ticket and Enter Now
19th May 2012 Plug Sheffield Buy Ticket and Enter Now
22nd May 2012 Bucks New Uni Student Union High Wycombe Buy Ticket and Enter Now
24th May 2012 The Full Moon Cardiff FREE
26th May 2012 Phoenix Exeter Buy Ticket and Enter Now
27th May 2012 Louisiana Bristol Buy Ticket and Enter Now


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  2. Hiya Jake. Will you be touring in the U.S.? If so, when are those dates and where? Thanks.

  3. Hey Marcus, yep was a really difficult decision and was kicking myself too – if only this or that or the other then it wouldn’t have got to that stage.
    But problems and mistakes can be the best ways to learn. I’ll be back to those places for sure – many times I hope, and will be wiser for it.
    I still love writing blogs, sorry there weren’t any this time! Glad you enjoyed them.
    I shared some emails with Phil and he’s cool – he just needed to hear my side of it clearer and he even helped suggesting a few venues we might play next time.
    Best of luck with all your musical adventures mate :)

  4. Jake mate, shame the dates were pulled, but as a fan i massively appreciate the the honesty. I was an avid follower of last year’s tour blog and it’s evident that you did play to some small audiences, as every real artist does in the early stages of their career. As a singer myself i know what promoters are like, so it can’t have been an easy decision to pull the gigs! What makes the decision more difficult is when you get a self important twat like Phil being frankly rude and patronising. Phil, walk a mile in Jake’s shoes first…. If not, sit down and shut the fuck up.

  5. Can’t wait to see you hit Nottingham after seeing you ace it at festeaval this weekend! Hope you find a venue soon. x

  6. Hi Phil, thanks for your message.
    I’m happy to play to 3 people, and would have loved to play to the 10 that had bought tickets for the Bury Met. Some of my favourite ever gigs have been to small audiences too.
    The reason the gig was pulled was because the promoters demanded it due to low ticket sales, not because I was too lazy to play the gig. To be fair to them, maybe if I can’t sell 25+ tickets (at £10 a pop) to an 80 capacity venue, I’m not ready to play it yet and need to first build up with less prestigious venues and lower ticket prices?
    It sounds like you know your stuff with local live music tho! If so do you have any suggestions for a good alternative in Bury? If you do, I’d honestly appreciate you passing on any info – am a London lad so don’t know the best places yet! If not no worries we’re working hard on finding something ourselves. Either way I’ll be getting out and playing all over – very hopefully in Bury, and if you’re free I’d be delighted to play to you, even if it’s just us.
    So sorry you feel let down. Hope I can make it up by doing what I always feel I’ve done, getting out and working my ass off.
    All the best

  7. Not good enough Jake … or particularly honest. The date at Bury Met had already been moved once … now it’s cancelled (and at VERY short notice). The smaller of the two spaces at Bury Met could hardly be called “big” (80 seated or 100 standing) … in fact the larger of the two is quite small … so your excuses about not playing to half empty venues seem hollow to me.
    Bury Met currently have 122 nights listed for this year. Guess how many other artists have cancelled? You guessed it … none. I have been going to hundreds (probably thousands) of gigs during the course of the past 40 years … and I can only remember ONE being cancelled.
    Cancelling is quite simply lazy and unprofessional.
    Since I first heard your stuff I have been playing it (and showing youtube clips) to any friends who would listen. I’m not inclined to continue.
    I saw Jonatha Brooke (she is quite big in the USA) at Band on the Wall a few months ago playing to about 35 people. It was a fabulous gig.
    With this sort of “can’t do”attitude you’re never going to make it.
    Such a waste of a good talent.

  8. Great shame, was at the Manchester gig last night – awesome. Was looking forward to taking friends to the Leeds date in a couple of weeks. Keep the faith, it can’t not happen for you. As I said fantastic.

  9. We’re already talking to other notts venues Andy. Will keep everyone posted by FB and twitter.
    Too true Mike. Gotta do this right…
    Ian this should be sorted by tonight or early tomorrow. Gutted too, but will use this as a springboard for what’s to come.

  10. Gutted about Dingwalls. Will make next London date though deffo .Any chance i can still get the ghostess download code to tide me over?

  11. A shame, but MUCH better than losing more money than you can afford….

  12. Bummer. Was looking forward to the Glee Club next week. How about The Bodega instead, or The Flowerpot or Victoria Inn in Derby??

  13. Will always be honest Dawn. Thanks for the support and hope you have a great summer.

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