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Jake Morley at the Olympia Theatre

Remember a few posts ago when I had to use someone else’s photo of playing the Olympia? Well now I have my very own!

This was the fourth time this year I’ve toured in Ireland. The Olympia was the best venue I’ve played there by far, even better than the Dublin o2 Arena. It has character and history and there was a real feeling of connection between stage and crowd. It was nights like that that are the reason I love doing this so much and I very much hope to return one day.

Other highlights include the deeply suspicious food at Abrakebabra, the wonderful radio producer Aonghus McAnally, Arthur’s Day celebrations, seeing Molotov Jukebox, and wonderful Dublin friends old and new.

We played better each night, and great gigs at Castlebar and Belfast were also further proof that there is something I find deeply appealing about the touring mixture of movement and routine. Mostly because I get to spend time with my mates in the band – Harry, John, and Kev who I love and respect more with every gig. No doubt we’d be kicking 7 shades of crap out of each other if we did a 6 month tour of american dive bars of course, but there are no big egos in this band and I love that. Big love also to Amber, Tommy, Andy, and most of all Hermione Hennessy, who let us support her on this tour.

PS – the blog title is a reference to this

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