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Olympia Theatre

As you all no doubt know by now, the idea of being stuck in Dublin drinking Guinness on Arthur’s Day is pretty much a massive WIN for me.

So you will understand my delight in announcing a mini tour of Ireland from 23rd – 26th September with (almost) a full band. We’ll be supporting Hermione Hennessy, following her long run at the top of the Irish album charts…

24th September – The Olympia Theatre, Dublin
25th September – Royal Theatre, Castlebar
26th September – The Empire, Belfast

Tickets are on sale through Ticketmaster now.

I’ll be selling the first few preview copies of my new album too, so I hope you can make it!


PS it’s possible that photo isn’t of me, but it is the right venue…

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  1. Hi Jake delighted to hear and then meet you in the foyer last night-thanks for “defacing” the cd’s- the ink didn’t run- Uncle John will love it too! Fantastic gig, wonderful songs, great music and musicianship from both yourself and a brilliant band. As I mentioned the best compliment I can pay is that we went to a gig, saw a new artist with new songs and felt we knew both instantly- thanks for a great evening and every best wish for the future and the undoubted success to come – hopefully see you on “Jools” soon- get your manager on to it! I think I probably bought the first two copies of your cd – Looking forward to the next one already! Very best wishes and gig here in Dublin again soon thanks again Martin & Geraldine

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