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Jake Morley

Please god let that not happen by the way – your Christmasy song being Christmas number one is pretty much the end of your career, though it does mean a lifetime of royalites…

I felt quite nostalgic this Christmas, so I decided to write a Christmas song. It’s all about quality street tins, DVDs of fireplaces and leaving an empty pillowcase out for Santa.

PS if this disappears, it might be because I’ve taken it down until next Christmas when the 2012 campaign will begin!

5 Comments on “JAKE MORLEY FOR CHRISTMAS No1 2011”

  1. Wow Jake this is great! merry Christmas!, we’ve got you a present, we hope you like it!! :)

  2. Of course! It will every year. Unlike the supermarkets though, I don’t believe it’s xmas until November or December….

  3. Hi Jake..missed this over Christmas…excellent song, great word pictures and hope we see you in Dublin again before next Christmas.
    All The Best

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