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On a boat in late 2012 my friend Amy fell in love with a man from Barbados. After two years of mostly-justifiable but tedious bureaucracy, two weddings and a very large file of photos, love letters and statements, he was finally granted a UK visa, landing last week to the flowing of many many rums. The motto on their personalised commemorative celebrational chocolates was Love and Admin Conquers All.

No word of a lie, I ain’t too bad at the love bit, kind of a big deal in fact. What I am less good at, no word of a lie, is admin. Kind of a small deal with that.

But no more – for tomorrow is a big planning day with my elite brain trust council. We are going to plan the year to within an hour of its life. We are going to speak in short, efficient sentences. We are going to ‘cover all the bases’. We are going to count it off and take it to the bridge.

Might ask for help along the way, you can always say no. ‘Many hands make light work’ over ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’ every time. Plus ask me back if there’s anything I can do. Promise not to spoil your broth.

Love and admin to you all.

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