Many Fish To Friday

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About 6 months ago I started to pick up whispers of something… and before I knew it sets were being built
and Pablo had come to life, looking all wise and friendly. Melody Wood and James Beck were making a stop-motion animation video for Many Fish To Fry. Totally unprompted from me and with fire in their bellies.

Set a scene, take a photo, make a tiny, subtle change, take photo, tiny change, photo, tiny change… It takes AGES and requires fanatical obsession, the patience of a saint, artistic eyes and understanding friends.

Fast forward to now and all 5 minutes of the video is finished. I think a celebration is called for!

On Thursday 8th September there will be an extremely special MFTF screening night and gig at Melody’s own night of live music, For The Love Of Folk at Indy Jax in Hemel Hempstead. I’ll be bringing a projector, a guitar and a band, and there’ll also be performances from two of the most respected singing writers around, Emily And The Woods and Gary Dunne. Can you come?

If you can’t you wont have long to wait… I have declared Friday 9th September ‘Many Fish To Friday’. The video will be launched on YouTube in a flurry of re-posting and hashtags. Will you help share it?

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