Many Fish To Fry DVD – Live Concert + Interview

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So we’ve covered The Lyrics Table and the previously unreleased video for The Light. The rest of the DVD is taken up by a full-length live concert and a track-by-track interview.

The live concert featured was shot in a small chapel in Soho, London, shortly after the album was completed. You might already be familiar with it if you’ve seen this video:

It’s all rather semi-acoustic and stripped back – very different to the album or how you’d see us live now – which I hope makes it more interesting to watch.

The tracklisting goes like this:
The Light
I Saw Something
Pondering On A Scenario In Which I Am The Hero
Freddie Laid The Smackdown
This City
Inside My Mind (unplugged)
Sideline (unplugged)
Be With Me Once More (sort of unplugged)
Feet Don’t Fail Me Now
Many Fish To Fry

Finally, we also filmed a track-by-track interview where I talk about how the songs were written, what they mean to me and how we recorded them.

Track By Track Interview

So there we go – the 2-disc album and DVD edition is OUT TODAY! If you’re interested in supporting little fish in big ponds, do consider getting a copy.

HMV – or go into your local HMV.
Amazon –
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iTunes –

Plus we have a tour coming up. Check out my gigs page to find one near you.

Have a lovely spring and summer

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  1. I see you’re going to France, Must be cool to tour all around Europe! Will you sing Beaucoup de poissons à faire frire, Must be a big adventure for Pablo!! See you at Tonefest!!

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