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This is my table at home. Each morning I shovel cereal into my face here whilst reading crap on the internet.
My Table

Underneath though, it looks like this:

Lyrics Table

Lyrics to every song on the album are there. Some are written on with marker pen, some are the original scraps of paper that I first wrote the words on, complete with crossings out and changes of mind, all pinned to the wood. One day I’ll auction it off for charity, or put it on freecycle or something, but for now I still need it to eat from.

On the DVD you can explore each section of the table whilst listening to the album. It’s got plenty of other sections too – I’ll talk about a different section tomorrow.

Hope you’re all enjoying the spring weather. Love and best wishes to all, including people who aren’t reading this which let’s face it is most people :)

You can pre-order the CD / DVD here, out April 2nd –

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2 Comments on “Many Fish To Fry DVD – Lyrics Table”

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  2. Wow Jake, that is absolutely incredible, it must have taken forever, really looking forward to the deluxe edition, and May & Tonefest and hopefully Exeter!! Are you playing IOW festival again this year?

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