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A while back I got mentioned on twitter when a guy randomly drew this:

Mister Castro The Light Sketch\

Needless to say I was impressed. Because look at it – it’s bloody brilliant.

It was the work of Mister Castro, a creative type who’d recently moved from Edinburgh to New Zealand. I looked at the rest of his portfolio and saw this:

And bizarrely this (which it should be pointed out to youngsters is a totally accurate non-comedy educational video):

After that I asked him if he was interested in making a video for The Light. Happily…. he was.

Even more happily, the resulting video is extremely beautiful. We stuck it in the music videos section of the DVD as an exclusive, next to other sections that I’ve been writing about.
If that’s too annoying just wait until someone rips it and puts it on youtube :-)

much love again
jake x

You can pre-order the CD / DVD here, out April 2nd –
Amazon –
Play –

Or just the music –
iTunes –

Mister Castro is currently touring around New Zealand on a great adventure – catch up with him directly on His Facebook Page.

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