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Just wondering what you think of the site really. People like you are the only reason designing a website is worthwhile, so I may as well cater it around you!

SO! more of something? less of something else? what would you like to see? Imagine, if you will, a parallel-world democracy where you can’t vote your leader out, but you can make him do whatever you like. It’s pretty much like that chez moi.

Priminster Morley


4 Comments on “M’E Y E S I G H T”

  1. Best unsigned musician’s website I’ve seen. What package did you sign up for with Word Press? Easy accessible setup. Let me know bro cos I’ve been looking for a good one for a while

  2. Jake! You’re so enterprising, i love this!
    More pictures of Mango though please

  3. It’s all just Perfick!
    Love ferris Wheel on the Piano and the ToneFest faithful can’t wait to see you at the ToneFest2 next month! Shine On Mr Morley! Big Tx

  4. dude, sights good, all you need is to keep writing the amazing stuff you’re doing and the sky is the limit!

    maybe put up some stuff from vidisha/pace of one and let the people who are only just seeing you now see how far you’ve come and how amazingly you’ve evolved from some quiet guy in an open mic night to the amazing musician we see today!

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