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Ghostess eBay

This year I released 250 signed, numbered copies of a new live studio EP called ‘Ghostess Live Studio Sessions’.

They all sold out in May – I don’t even have one! They’re all gone. All except one, copy #1 / 250, and an auction has now been started to buy it, with all profits going to Nordoff Robbins – a fantastic music charity http://www.nordoff-robbins.org.uk

Their work involves using music therapy and music services to help a range of people with a range of challenges such as autism, dementia, mental health problems, stroke, brain injury, depression or life-threatening or terminal illnesses, such as cancer. They use your money to dramatically improve their quality of life. Shall we raise them a few quid to help?

The auction can be found here – http://r.ebay.com/IDwuFM and will end on Wednesday 18th July.

The winner will receive the last Limited Edition copy of the Ghostess EP, copy #1. I’ll write a personal message in it, or thank you a separate postcard if you prefer, then I’ll post it anywhere in the world you choose. I may even throw in some extra bits too. Non-numbered, non limited edition copies have since been made, but please don’t let that put you off, this last one is still a great excuse to bid!

100% of any money raised goes straight into the charity’s grateful pockets. Let’s get to it :)

**UPDATE** The auction was won by Mark Reed from Hampshire with a bid of £150. Thanks Mark!

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