N O   W I N D   I N   S P A I N

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As we tried in vein to secure our tent pegs in the dry Spanish earth, one of our number commented in a manner that would have made Michael Fish proud “ah don’t bother guys – there’s no wind in spain”.

Alas of course the Benicassim Festival was ravaged by a hurricane, depriving us of most of the music on the second day. The festival was still a real triumph though, and I’d love to go again.

Anyone else go? What were your highlights? For me it was the double whammy of Peaches followed by 2 many DJs…


4 Comments on “N O   W I N D   I N   S P A I N”

  1. Clearly! You gotsta to blow your own trumpet in this world – ain’t no-one gonna do it for ya!

  2. It’s my honour to showcase your incredible talents mate! Even if you did only comment on this post to tell everyone that it was your image! Fair enough mate – quality work.

  3. Ah Jake – I’m so proud that you used my photoshopping skillz on your website! Poor old Willo, he’ll never live that down.

    2manyDJs for me as well by the way. Man, that was good. The soles of my feet still hurt.

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