New Album + A London Gig

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I can report that writing the ‘difficult second album’ has indeed been difficult. Should it be an elaborate concept album? How many bagpipes to have in my bagpipe orchestra? There was joy, there was *facepalm*. I made a sign.

But along the way I feel like I re-discovered music, and look at many of these new songs as the best I’ve ever written. It’s now time to record them into an album to follow up 2011’s Many Fish To Fry.

Our first studio dates are booked for next month, and although it may not be released until next year, the ball is rolling and will bear its first fruits in the Autumn. Listen out for that.

In the meantime I’d like to invite you to a solo concert at a small venue in Dalston, London next month.

The date is 23rd July 2013. Are you free??
The venue is The Servant Jazz Quarters, 10a Bradbury St, London N16 8JN. Website here
The door will open at 7:30pm
A wonderfully talented young songwriter called Kimberly Anne will play first. Her website.
Tickets will cost £7.77 each inc all relevant fees, taxes or charges. No Ryanair-style muggings.
There are only 70 tickets on sale for this. So be quick smart if you’d like to come.

They will go on sale tomorrow, that’s Friday 21st June, at 10am and are only available from this link:

Speaking of live dates, a little while back I said to my ‘people’
“I want to tour the UK again, this time just on my own in small venues that feel like little cauldrons of atmosphere”.
The result is my next UK tour throughout October, which I’ll announce soon.

Those of you with time and an interest in the inner-workings of my brain are free to read my recent tour blogs from Canada, France and the UK, they’re all below and at

Have a beautiful day everyone, may all your lunches be healthy AND delicious.


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