Want Me To Send You A Postcard?

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Everyone loves receiving postcards. This tour I’m going to send one every day. Here’s how it’s gonna work…

Step one: get the postal address of a person who comes to a gig
Step two: travel to the next town/city we’re playing at
Step three: buy a local postcard
Step four: write the postcard and send it to the person in step one
Step five: repeat

So someone from Bath gets a postcard from Inverness. Someone from Inverness gets a postcard from Stornoway, and so on.

If you’d like to be the one in your town that gets the postcard, just come to a gig (dates here) and ask me. All I ask is that you trust me with your address and post your postcard up on my Facebook page and / or twitter.

4 Comments on “Want Me To Send You A Postcard?”

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