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Jake Morley - Ronnie Scotts

Some things are so regular you can set your clock to them, like for example the speaking clock.

Other things, though marginally less precise, are pretty bankably likely events – I’m referring of course to our monthly residency at the world famous Ronnie Scotts club.

Our next performance there is just days away now – This Tuesday 17th August. Full details are on the facebook group but the gist of it is that doors are at 7ish, we’re on at 9ish and it costs a fiver if you print off this flyer. £7 if you don’t.

Incidentally, so much to do I may have to not sleep an awful lot this week. Instead I could just make comedy hnggg-phewwww fake snoring noises like you did when you were trying to trick your parents into thinking you were asleep when in fact you weren’t.

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