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This year I’ll start be doing a monthly residency at London’s Ronnie Scott’s Club.

Most people know it as the home of jazz music in the UK, but it actually puts on a wide variety of music, including these nights run by the wonderful Vaz from TV Nights.

The dates will all be Tuesday nights – the 20th April, the 18th May and the 15th June – and I’ll be joined by the same incredible musicians who performed so excellently on my recent album recording sessions.

Can’t wait – hope you can make one of them!

5 Comments on “GREAT SCOTT!”

  1. not at all Vanessa! they’re every month until they get sick of me, which doesn’t seem to be just yet. They’re on the third Tuesday of the month, or just check the Gig Listings page for an up to date list x

  2. When is your next gig at Ronnie Scotts?? Hope I haven’t missed all of them!

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  4. Hope to maybe make one of them. Sounds excellent though. Hope you have a great time.

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