S O – W H A T   D I D   Y O U   D O   T H I S   W E E K E N D?

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boy_hand_upAh MISS! MISS! pick ME!!!

OK. This weekend I did a gig with Eddie Kowalczyk at the water rats theatre and saw The Streets and Basement Jaxx in Hyde Park and I went to Ipswich Music Day Festival and did a session with BBC Radio and then played on the Acoustic Stage and it was SO cool and then I had waffles.

Eddie Kowalczyk was REALLY nice and was great and I met some cool people who’d travelled all over the world to be there including Malta which is all the way from Europe. Eddie Kowalczyk is bald and has no hair on his head.

Basement Jaxx were fun and I danced and danced and ate mushy peas.

I had to get up SO early on Sunday to get to Ipswich, and I kept saying “are we nearly there yet?” but there was no one else in the car cos I was driving. I played acoustic songs on the radio and then played more acoustic songs in another tent and then I watched my friend Ed Sheeran who is so amazing sometimes I’m jealous cos his songs are so good and he’s only 18 tho he has ginger hair and mum says ginger people don’t like sunshine. I did lots of songs on the big acoustic stage. There was so many people they were so lovely and they ate candy floss and chips but not together. It was SO good. And then I woke up and it WAS ALL A DREAM. THE END.

9 Comments on “S O – W H A T   D I D   Y O U   D O   T H I S   W E E K E N D?”

  1. You’re Mum is indeed wise! We of the copper variety and the sun are not the best of friends… What of it eh!!

  2. I’m Pondering On A Scenario In Which I Am The Hero.
    Yup no worries! sit tight – I’ll be releasing it soon….

  3. Was an awesome gig! be an absolute champ and upload the “i’m under the pretense of being a hero” or whatever it was called song. That was ace!

  4. thanks guys! I had a really great time in Ipswich – I think my manager’s trying to book something else up there soon…

    Sorry to hear the checkout’s not working for you Bill – I’ll send you an email about it now. Whatever it is we’ll get it sorted soon

  5. Sounds great, Jake – but I can’t make the wretched checkout doodah work for me. I’ve got Javascript switched on and everything. Any ideas?

  6. loving your beats (once the sound man woke up!), ed sheeron is amazing!!come back to ippy soon!

  7. just discovered your music today at ipswich after being recommended by a friend. really fantastic stuff and this blog is ace too, could only really be made more realistic by it being one giant run-on sentence with sporadic gasps of lungfuls of air :-)

  8. You were really good in Ipswich, and i love the CD. and the drawing of a boat you did for me (: come back soon! x

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