S O L I T U D E   I S   B L I S S

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So I grew a really long beard, sat alone in a house in Cornwall for a while and wrote a few cool new songs.

Have you ever spent a long period of time without seeing or speaking to anyone? The internal chatter starts to quieten down and you start hearing what’s underneath…..

2 Comments on “S O L I T U D E   I S   B L I S S”

  1. Palzeath it is indeed! Elementary, my dear Wallace. A very special place as you say.
    Hope to see ya soon mate.

  2. Hello fella!
    Love the site! Smash on special cracktastic and all of that!

    Looks like Polzeath to me in the picture here!? Possibly my favourite place in the world. Hope to hear incredible Polzeath inspired sounds!

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